Share A Bidder Number

You can have multiple bidders that share a single bidder#.

When adding a bidder you can specify an existing bidder#, or you can modify the bidder# on an already registered bidder to match another bidder without getting an error message.

There is a link bidder button on the bidder details page to allow you to choose a bidder to link to the selected bidder.


Recording Bids

Each bidder will be listed separately in the bidder drop-down and can still be selected individually.



When you select a bidder, all the bidders that share the same bidder# are automatically added to the checkout


Batch Checkout

A single payment will be processed for all bidders that share a bidder#. If there are multiple registered cards then only one of them is charged.


Bidder Statements

All activity from the bidders that share a bidder# is listed on the printed or emailed bidder statement. An email statement will be sent to each bidder individually


Renumbering Bidders

When the bidder renumbering page is used bidders with the same bidder# will always remain as a group. If you renumber based on (for example) first name, then the groups position for renumbering will be based on the bidder in the group with the alphabetically earliest first name

Importing Bidders

If you are importing an Excel file of bidders just once then you can specify shared bidder#'s in the file. It is not recommended to try and import the file multiple times to modify existing bidder records though. But the system will try and match based on bidder#, then email and name

Auction Web Site

If multiple bidders share an email address, then as long as they share the same bidder# the user will be able to sign into the auction web site for online bidding (previously this was an error). They will still get an error if the bidders that share an email address do not share a bidder#

When accessing the My Account page on the web site a bidder will see all the activity associated with the bidder# listed

Last reviewed: March 2023
Share A Bidder Number