Backup Your Site

The Import & Export website features allow you to easily Export a backup regularly for safekeeping and then Import a backup should it ever be necessary.

Export a website

On the website window, click Export website.


The backup file will be created and you will be prompted to save the .dat file on your computer.


Import a website

Should it be necessary, you can import any website backup file.

On the website page, click Import Website.


In the Choose File window, click Choose File and select the .dat file you want to import.

After the file has been uploaded/imported, it will be listed on the All websites window with (restored) in the comments.


You can then make the necessary changes to the site.


The imported site does not replace the current default site.
To set the new site as a default see Use Multiple Websites.

Last Updated: 6/6/2019, 5:08:36 PM