Add Style

Clicking the Add Style button will pop-up the available style settings for the current element/page.



You can set Background properties for the following:


You can set Fonts properties for the following:

  • Color
  • Font Size
  • Font Family
  • Font Weight
  • Line Height


You can set Height properties for the following:

  • Height
  • Min-Height
  • Max-Height

Margin And Padding

You can set Margin And Padding properties for the element.


Some Thermometer colors can be specifically styled:

  • Thermometer Color
  • Thermometer Border Color
  • Thermometer Background Color

Custom Style

You can set specific values for individual CSS properties using the Custom Style option.

Advanced Styling

You can add custom CSS using the Advanced Styling option.

Additional Style Properties

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Last Updated: 10/9/2019, 8:45:58 PM