# Website Element Visibility (advanced) (updated)

The Add Behavior - Visibility property for websites can only be applied to website content elements. This property cannot be applied to rows or sections.

The conditions available for the Visibility property in the Website Editor are pre-defined.


Please see Email Element Visibility under Editing Emails for email content.

When a visibility condition is set for an element an "eye" icon will appear when you are in editor mode.


An example when using the Website Editor and a Progress Tracker using the Type Thermometer.

# Visibility Conditions

The Website Element Visibility conditions set specific criteria based on bidder statuses.

  • Bidders
  • Not Bidder
  • Bidders with a balance
  • Bidders with no balance
  • Bidders with a card
  • Bidders without a card
  • Ticket holders

To make the element visible to all visitors to the website you would simply ensure there is no visibility status set (click the "trash can" icon beside the setting to clear the element property as needed).

Last Updated: 1/4/2021, 8:38:19 PM