# Add Behavior (updated)

Clicking on the Add Behavior button will display a pop-up for the options available for the specific element.


# Click

Clicking on "Click" adds the property (with no default value set).


Clicking on the "click" property will open a drop-down with the "Target Type" options available for the element when you click on it.


  • None
    Nothing will happen when the element is clicked on.

  • Page
    Clicking on the "Page" option will display a drop-down selector showing all of the current Auction Website pages available for linking.


    An example of the page selector.

    The "Custom" pages you have defined will be listed first, followed by the "Special" (system) pages.


    An example of the pages list.

  • Web Address
    Clicking on the "Web Address" option will display a text field to enter the URL of a website with a checkbox below to enable the link to be opened in a new browser tab.

  • Show Video
    Clicking on the "Show Video" option open the settings to select a Video feed to be triggered when the Button is clicked.

# Visibility (advanced)

Clicking on "Visibility" will open the property field. By default, this field is empty.


To use the Visibility property you will need to enter an appropriate code-base variable reference.

Using the Visibility property is for advanced use of the editor and should be carefully considered and documented as needed accordingly.

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Last Revised: May 2022
Last Updated: 5/4/2022, 9:13:26 PM