# How To Add A QR Code For Any Page

Although Auctria does not currently provide for a generic QR Code generator you can use most any site to generate one you can use with Auctria -- or point to your Auctria auction website.

An example of a free QR code generator website can be found at QR Code Generator (opens new window) -- looking with your favorite search engine will also provide you with many additional results to choose from.


Auctria does not specifically recommend or endorse any QR code generators, the QR Code Generator website link is only provided as a convenience.

# Get The Website Page URL

In most cases, it is best to navigate to the auction website URL as a "guest" visiting the website to ensure the correct URL is being shared in the QR code. This is done by ensuring you are completely logged out of Auctria before going to the page you want to share.


The following URL will help ensure you are completely logged out of Auctria https://app.auctria.com/Az/Account/SignIn?signout=True. Afterward, just start at your auction website home page and go to the page you want to share as needed.

The most correct URL to use for your QR Code will be the one you see in your internet browser's address bar. Although you can use a "pretty" link, using the address bar URL will help to ensure your visitors always get to the correct page the QR code was generated for.


An example of the https://onlinefundraiser.events/Demo/Tickets URL as it appears in the browser address bar.


A QR Code example using the QR Code Generator website and the above URL reference.

Using the event.auctria.com/... URL versus the "pretty" URL will ensure if you change your Preferred Domain, or the name of the page, the QR code will still point to the correct page.

Once you have your QR Code you can use it wherever you feel it will provide the most benefits. This might be in an external email blast, another website maintained by your organization, or even another Auctria auction website page if you see that as an opportunity to share it.

Added: 2021-06-07
Last Updated: 4/28/2022, 4:34:21 PM