# Website Settings - Theme

You can set the base Theme for the website. Click the "Theme" option to open its settings panel.


The Theme panel provides for the following actions:

# Theme

Clicking the theme name opens a pop-up window showing pre-built themes you can choose from. Using the Reapply Theme button will apply any changes from the other theme options used. See Theme for more details.

# Add Theme Color

Clicking this opens a pop-up within with a selection of items you can set specific colors for.

Changing a theme default color to its "opposite", for example, changing the dark color to something more consistent with a light color will cause issues in the auction website.
NOTE: This is often noted as invisible text in some elements such as The Shopping Cart.

See Add Theme Color for more details.

# Add Custom Variable

Clicking this allows you to add custom variables to be used with the theme.
See Add Custom Variable for more details.

# Add Font

Clicking this allows you to use Google Fonts (opens new window) with the theme.
See Add Font for more details.

# Add Style

Clicking this will pop-up the "Add Style" options available.
See Add Style for more information.

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