Customize Elements

Customizing elements lets you change some embedded text, or switch icons & images.

To customize an element move your mouse over an element until the outline appears and click on the Settings link in the upper right.


The available settings will vary depending on the type of element.


Select the Customize pane on the left.



The Customize option is only available on 'rich content' blocks. The normal text & image content elements are modified just by double clicking on them.

The dynamic elements are configured through their Settings dialogs

Customizing Content within an Element

The Customize tab of the Settings window can be used to adjust styling on specific blocks of content.

As you move the mouse over different blocks in the element they will show a gray border if they can be customized further. Click on one to select it and the border will change to a red dotted line.

You can use the Style tab to set a background and foreground color for just this block.


Save element settings

Click Save & close to save the element settings and close the Settings window.


Last Updated: 3/13/2019, 3:47:17 AM