Create A Placeholder Page

Sometimes you want to have a page up on the website for visitors but hide the rest of the website until you are ready to reveal it.

This can be done using a placeholder page by using the following steps:

Create a new Page

See Add a Page but be sure that the 'Add to menu...' checkbox is not checked:


Add content to your page

The new page will be blank except for template elements.

You can add text and images to this page to tell your bidders about the event. See Website Content for examples of these elements.

Make the placeholder page the home page

To ensure that bidders see your placeholder page when they go to the website address click on the Set as home page button at the bottom of the editor sidebar:


Hide the menu

The menu element will typically be shown on all pages. Until you are ready for the site to be public you want to hide this from the placeholder page. This can be done by setting its visibility to 'Registered users only'

Hover the mouse over the menu and click on Settings

Choose the Appearance pane and change the Visibility setting to Registered users only


Click Save & Close

Revealing the site

When you are ready for the whole site to be published you can undo these steps:

  1. Open the page you want to be the home page and click on Set as home page
  2. Open the settings for the menu and change the visibility setting back to Everyone
Last Updated: 3/16/2019, 9:01:22 PM