Solicit Items

The Solicit Items is an element where donors can donate items through your website. Donors can enter their item, image and their donor information. All items entered online in this way are not automatically added to the auction item list, instead, they need to be accepted and then they are promoted to be items.

Add Solicit Items

Create a new web "Donate items" page to capture the information (see Add a Page for more details on this process).

Select the new "Donate Items" page from the menu.

To add the Solicit Items element, open the Content editor, and then select Elements.

Under Elements, click Others, and then select the Solicit Items element. Use drag and drop functionality to Add an Element to the website page.


Solicit Items Element


You can also add extra text and image items to this page to provide more information to your donors.

Donors will now be able to enter the details of their item, and then provide images and items about themselves


Enter Donor Information


Email Notification & Accepting Items

Once a donation is submitted you will receive an email notification.

Items entered online in this way are not automatically added to the item list, instead they need to be accepted as ones you want to promote to be items.

Review the solicited items from the Auction Dashboard by clicking on Items -> Review Solicited Items


This page will show all the New items by default. You can choose to reject an item (which will change the status to rejected) or accept an item, which will create a new item.

Select the items to be accepted and then click on Accept Selected Items


When accepting items, choose the item type to create:


Once accepted, the item can be edited like any other item:


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