Slide Show

The Slide Show element allows you to add several images that rotate automatically, with the option to hyperlink each image to a page on the website or a web address.

Add a Slide Show

To add the Slide Show element, open the Content editor, and then select Elements.

Under Elements, click Others, and then select Slide Show. Use drag and drop functionality to Add an Element to the website page.


Customize the Slide Show

For best results, all images should be the same size and be web-friendly (not too big).

To customize the slide show, click Settings.


Add Images

In the Settings window, click the Add icon (blue button with a + on it).


The Choose File window appears.

To choose a picture from your computer, click Choose File and browse to find it.

After uploading an image, it will appear in the Settings window.

Add Alt Text if necessary.

If you want the image to link to a website page or a web address, select the appropriate options.


To add another image, click the Add icon and repeat the above process.

Put the images in order

After all images have been added, use the arrow buttons to move the images into the order you would like them to display.


Set the interval

The images in the slide show move from one to another on the website according to a pre-set interval. To change the interval, click Options.

Enter the Interval.


When finished, click Save & close. The slide show appears on your website page.

Last Updated: 12/10/2018, 6:22:56 PM