Fundraising Thermometer

The Fundraising Thermometer element lets you add a visual indicator of your fundraising progress to your website.

Add a Fundraising Thermometer

To add the Fundraising Thermometer element, open the Content editor, and then select Elements.

Under Elements, click Others, and then select the Fundraising Thermometer element. Use drag and drop functionality to Add an Element to the website page.


A placeholder is added to the website page.

Edit the text

To edit the text that appears above the thermometer, double-click on it.


In the content editor, enter the new text and use the tools to modify the appearance of the text.


Customize the Thermometer

To Customize the Thermometer, click Settings.


Enter your fundraising goal

In the Settings window, enter your fundraising goal. Enter numbers only, no commas.


Define how to calculate Income

To set which streams of income should be included in the total raised, click Income.

Select the income from Bidders, Items, and Donors to include in the total raised.


When finished, click Save & close.

The thermometer will appear on your website page showing the progress toward your goal.


Last Updated: 12/3/2018, 11:08:03 PM