Contact & Social Media

The Contact element includes space for an address, telephone number, and social media links.

Add Contact and Social Media Information

Most templates have Contact information at the bottom of the page, but you can add Contact information elsewhere if necessary.

To add the Contact element, open the Content editor, and then select Elements.

Under Elements, click Others, and then select the Contact information element. Use drag and drop functionality to Add an Element to the website page.


Customize the Contact Element

The Contact element is initially created with placeholder text which you will want to customize.

To edit the Content information, click Settings.


In the Settings window, enter the contact information.

Note that the information for the organization is automatically entered, but you can change it.

Template elements

The Contact element is a template element, meaning that when you change it one one page, it is automatically updated on all pages.


Click the Social tab to enter the links to your social media accounts.

Icons that hyperlink to the social media accounts that you enter will be included in the Contact section of your website.


Click Save & close when finished.

Last Updated: 12/10/2018, 6:22:56 PM