Icons and Rich Content

To add and customize icon/text elements, open the Content editor, and then select Rich Content.

Select a Rich Content element and use the drag and drop functionality to Add an Element to the website page.



The text portion of an element is initially created with placeholder text which you will want to customize.

To edit the text, double-click the text to open the editor.


The Edit content window appears. Type over the placeholder text and use the toolbar to format the text. Click Save changes when finished.


Formatting Tip

When formatting text be mindful that people view the website on different sized devices, including phones, and tablets. It is best to avoid using hard-coded font sizes, since what may look big on a high resolution desktop monitor will look enormous on a phone screen. Instead, use the predefined styles which will be scaled automatically based on the screen size to maintain a relative size to each other, but without becoming too large.

HTML Editing

If you are familiar with HTML and web design you can switch the editor into HTML mode by clicking on the </> icon.

This allows you to add HTML (excluding script tags) to the element.

To exit html editor mode, click the </> icon again.


Change the icon image

To change an icon image, click Settings.

The Settings window will appear. Select Customize, and then click on the image that you want to change.

The selected image will appear in the Settings window. Click Select Image to use a different image from your computer or to enter the web address of an image to use.


After choosing the new file, the new image will appear.

Last Updated: 12/10/2018, 6:22:56 PM