Editing Quick Start

You can start customizing your website by editing the content in the default elements that were included in the template you selected when you created your website.

Later, you can add elements and delete elements to customize your site further.

Edit Text

To edit text, double-click in an element box.


Use the editing toolbar to change the font, size, color, alignment, etc. of the text.

Click Save changes when finished.

Formatting Tip

When formatting text be mindful that people view the website on different sized devices, including phones, and tablets.

Avoid using hard-coded font sizes, since what may look big on a high resolution desktop monitor will look enormous on a phone screen.

Instead, use the predefined styles which will be scaled automatically based on the screen size to maintain a relative size to each other, but without becoming too large.


Dynamic text

Text shown in \{\{ ... }} is dynamic, meaning it is automatically generated based on your event.

In the example shown below the name of the auction & organization are automatically included in the header.

If you delete \{\{m.Auction.Name}}, then changes you make to the auction name will not affect the website.


Change an image

There are several ways to update an image on the website depending on how it was added to the site.

To change a dedicated image element, double-click on the image. A settings window will appear.

Click Select Image. A popup window will appear where you can drag an image or browse for an image to use.

To make the image look like it has a rounded shape, move the Image circle slider from OFF to ON.


See website images for more details.

Last Updated: 3/13/2019, 2:55:41 AM