# Global Website Options

These settings affect all auction websites globally.


# Website Options


  • Include item values
    Allow item values to be shown on the auction website.
  • Include starting bids & bid increments
    Show the starting bid and bid increment on the item preview page.
  • Show sold prices for online items
    Show the sold prices for online bidding items.
  • Require recaptcha validation
    Require that online purchases are protected by Google's reCAPTCHA.
  • Show 'Double The Donation' details
    Double The Donation allows bidders to search to see if their company will match their donation.

# Mobile App


The Event description will be shown on the event home page of the Auctria mobile app.

# Online Features

  • Auction Website
    This links to the auction/event website and will open it in "view" mode.
  • Online Bidding
    This links to the Online Bidding dashboard.
  • Bidder Registration
    This links to the Bidder Registration dashboard.
  • Website Options
    This links to the Global Website Options dashboard (here).

Last Updated: 3/10/2020, 7:28:27 PM