# Website Dashboard

The auction/event website is managed from the auction Website Settings dashboard and the auction Website Editor. Both are necessary and which is used depends on the task at hand.


The Website Dashboard provides an introductory video about the new website editor and also provides for modifying the Website Address as needed.


# Actions

  • Edit Website
    This opens the website in editor mode. See Opening The Editor for more details.
  • View Website
    This opens the website in view mode.
  • Export Website
    Clicking this will generate the export .dat file for the website.
    See Export Website for more details on this.
  • Import Website
    Clicking this will open a Choose File window to upload an exported .dat file.
  • Delete Website
    This will delete the website. A confirmation will will popup requiring an explicitly typed YES to delete the website.

# Online Features

# Kiosk Mode

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Last Updated: 11/30/2020, 3:35:00 PM