All Websites

This page lists all of the websites currently associated with the auction/event in the Websites panel.



The Websites panel shows several pieces of information about the websites.

  • The DEFAULT SITE is indicated with a green circle beside its address.
  • The ADDRESS provides a clickable/sharable URL for the website.
  • The COMMENTS are displayed from the "Create Website" options.
  • A blue "eye" icon can be clicked to open the website in editor mode.
  • An options menu (3 red vertical dots) at the end of the row provides additional options specific to the website.

Website Options

  • Edit Settings - clicking this opens the website's settings page.
  • Clone Website - clicking this will start the "Clone website" process with a pop-up window.
  • Export Website - clicking this will download an appropriately named unique .dat file used with the "Import Website" process.
  • Kiosk Mode - clicking this will open the website in Kiosk mode with "bidder" access.
  • Kiosk Mode (Unrestricted) - clicking this will open the website in Kiosk mode with "administrator" access.
  • Delete Website - clicking this will pop-up a "Confirm delete website" window to continue.

All Websites sidebar


  • Create Website - links to the "Create Website" page. See Creating A Website for more information.
  • Import Website - opens a file chooser to select the .dat website file to be imported.

Online Features

  • Online/Mobile Bidding - clicking this opens the "Online Bidding" page. See Online Bidding.
  • Bidder Registration - clicking this opens the "Bidder Registration" page. See Bidder Registration.
  • Global Website Options - clicking this opens the "Global Website Options" page. See Global Website Options.
Last Updated: 8/13/2019, 7:48:54 PM