Cash Donation

Row Content - Cash Donation


This lets us create things like a "Donation In Lieu of Attending" page without requiring Donation Items in the event.

Edit Cash Donation

Catalog Style

The default Catalog Style is "Small Item Card".


Small Item Card


Wide Value Card


Image Only Card


Immediate Item Card


Immediate Vertical Card


Allow Drill To Details

This toggles the access to the details of the donation.


A single text field used as a label.
The default is "Donation".


A single text field to provide a simple description for the donation.
The default is "Thank you for your support."

Donation Levels

The default * (asterisk) will create a "Donate Now" button in the Cash Donation window.
This can also be set as a comma separated value list of specific amounts. Combining the * with a list of values will display buttons for each value as well as a field where donors can set the amount they want to give. Using something like *,100,200,500 would produce the following after clicking on the "Donate Now" button:



Clicking the "Configure" button will open the Choose Image window where you can set the image that is used in all of the Cash Donation "Catalog Styles".

Also see Common Element Actions for more details on managing the Cash Donation row content.

Last Updated: 1/24/2020, 5:55:29 PM