# Show All Bidder Donations In Thermometer (new)

The Thermometer element can be configured to automatically reflect the auction income from various pre-defined sources. See Amount Source for more information on these.

# Add Donations External To Auctria

If you would like to include donations not made through your Auctria event website, you can add those donations through the auction dashboard using the Record Donations function. The donation will then be reflected in the "Total Income" and can be reflected in the Thermometer "Amount Raised" value.

Donations must be associated with a Bidder record. If you wanted to add the donations as a lump sum, you can create a "catch-all" bidder record called, for example, Cash.

The Thermometer Amount Source must be configured to "Total event income" or "Total bidder donations" in these scenarios.

# Recording Donations

To record these "Cash" donations you would leave the Item field blank and then select your bidder record as appropriate, for example, using the specific bidder for the donation or the Cash "catch-all bidder record.

In the Payments section, you would use the Other tab to capture the transaction as "Paid" (using the default "Cash" method will work) and not leave an outstanding balance.

The donations received from the Cash Donation element are considered to be made by Donors. Note, in Auctria, "donors" and "bidders" are considered as two separate entities.

Last Updated: 8/13/2020, 3:47:57 PM