# Thermometer (updated)

# Basic Content - Thermometer

Drag and drop the More Column Content element from the Website Editor Sidebar into the column space where you want to add the Thermometer element.


This will open the Choose Content window.


Clicking the Thermometer element will now drop it into the column space you selected. The element will start with default text "Our Fundraising Target" and often should be modified to fit your auction event needs accordingly.


When the Thermometer element is highlighted it will be seen in the "Selected Elements" section of the Website Editor Sidebar. Clicking on Thermometer in the "Selected Elements" section will open up its settings.

# Edit Thermometer

# Orientation

The Thermometer is set to Auto by default and will change Orientation based on the screen width.
The Thermometer will generally be seen horizontally in desktop views and vertically in mobile device views. You can set the orientation to Vertical only for all views.

# Show legend

This option toggles the display of the "Raised", "Goal", and "Achieved" values.

# Current Amount

This option is best used when the Amount Source is set to Manual update allowing you to input the current value you want displayed with the Thermometer element and updated as needed.

If you have a "Starting" amount you would like to use, it would be best to record an appropriate transaction to set this amount and provide a record of where the funds came from. Using Donor Donations would be a good option for this.

# Refresh Time

The Refresh Time is measured in seconds and will be how often the Thermometer sources are polled and updated to the website when Amount Source: Manual update is not selected as the source.

# Target Amount

The Target Amount is the goal you are looking to achieve.

If the Target Amount is not set, the Thermometer will default to the auction Fundraising Target amount. See Auction Details for more information.

Dollar amounts used for Target Amount (and Current Amount) should be whole numbers without the currency symbol or formatting separators such as the , used for thousands.

# Title

The title by default is "Our Fundraising Target". This option allows you to set your own Title.

# Vertical Height

This value only applies when the Thermometer is in a Vertical orientation.

# Amount Source (updated)

Clicking the Configure button will open the Select Source window.


This provides a drop-down selector to choose the source amounts for the Thermometer.


The default when the Thermometer is inserted into the website column space is Total event income.

The Total event income option includes the Inprogress Bids total as part of its calculation.

  • Manual update
    • The income raised will need to be manually updated by adjusting the Current Amount value.
  • Total event income
  • Total event income (Net)
    • This option only includes Payments, Balance Due and Donations (see Income Summary).
  • Total bidder donations
  • Total "cash" donations (updated)
    • This is the total donations made by bidders through the Donation Element Cash Donation Mode.
  • Total sponsorships
    • This is the total income from items configured as sponsorships (see Sell Sponsorships).
  • Income from specific items
    • This is the total income from the combination of items (or a single item).

# Video: Website Editor Add A Fundraising Thermometer

# Video: Including a fundraising thermometer in your live stream (new)

Also see Common Element Actions for more details on managing the Thermometer element.

Last Updated: 11/6/2020, 5:11:40 PM