How Do I Switch Website Editor?

The new website editor can be enabled under the Website menu item from your main Auction Dashboard although currently, the old website templates are not compatible with the new website editor templates. This means to use the new website editor you will need to recreate your existing website, if one exists, for the event where you want to use the new website editor.

To enable the new website editor, go to "Website" from the main Auction Dashboard menu and click on the "New Website Release" button on the website dashboard sidebar. This will open the "Website Features" page where you will need to scroll down to enable the feature set in the "Toggle Website Features" section (use the pencil icon to open the option for editing, click the checkbox to enable, then click the checkmark icon to save).

You may just need to then click the "reload the page" link next although completely refreshing your browser page may be needed in some cases. The new website editor feature set will now be enabled.

See Create New Website for more details on creating your website using the new website editor templates.


Changing to the new website editor will not affect bids or other event-related details although you will need to create a new website as the old one will not be available. Any information from the current event such as bids, bidders, items, etc. will be retained and depending on your choice of template, etc. that information will be auto-populated as appropriate.

In those cases where you will be wanting to use the same website address, it is best recommended to remove the old website before switching to the new website editor.

Last Updated: 1/8/2020, 4:33:57 PM