# Create New Website

When you first create your auction event, if you want to have an auction website you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the main Auction Dashboard and click on Website. This will open the Website dashboard. You would also follow this menu entry to see the existing website settings.


You can also click on the green Auction web site block on the right side of the main Auction Dashboard quick reference blocks to access the Website Settings dashboard.

# Website Settings

If you have not created a website for the auction you will be presented with a selection of website templates to choose from. To create your website simply click on the Select this template button in its preview card.


There are many "templates" to choose from currently and we are always add more although once you have created a website for your auction you would need to delete it to choose another starting template.


The "new" website editor is the default when creating new websites (as of February 2020).
You can opt out of these enhanced features by clicking on the New Website Release and click on Turn off new website before creating your new website.

For more information on the Old Website Editor see the sections in our Archive Topics.

Clicking on the Select this template button will also pop up a confirmation window where you will need to click on Continue to finish creating your new website.


# Website Address

Once the website creation process completes the screen will refresh and you will need to set a Website Address. A large warning is displayed as a reminder until the Website Address has been set.


# Set Website Address

To add your Website Address you would start by clicking the "pencil" icon to open the Address field. When entering your Website Address please keep in mind this should be a "web" friendly piece of information.


Website Addresses should only use letters, numbers, and hyphens (-). The use of any other type of "special character" or "punctuation" could potentially make your auction website unreachable.

# Example

Enter MyGreatFundraiser-2020 into the Address field...


Click the "checkmark" icon to save your Website Address...


You will now see this information when you click through to the Website page.


Last Updated: 11/30/2020, 3:35:00 PM