# Create New Website (updated)

When you first create your auction event, if you want to have an auction website you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the main Auction Dashboard and click on Website. This will open the Website dashboard. You would also follow this menu entry to see the existing website settings.


You can also click on the green Auction web site block on the right side of the main Auction Dashboard quick reference blocks to access the Website Settings dashboard.

# Website Settings

If you have not created a website for the auction you will be presented with a selection of website templates to choose from. To create your website simply click on the Select this template button in its preview card.


There are many website "templates" to choose from currently (and we are always adding more), once you have created an auction website you would need to delete it to choose a different starting template.

Clicking on the Select template button will also pop up a confirmation window where you will need to click on Continue to finish creating your new website.


You also have the option to use the Preview template button to view an auction website using the template and our standard "demo" content. Clicking on the Preview template button will open a new tab in your browser.

# Website Address

Once the website creation process completes (after the "Confirmation" step above) the browser will refresh the page.

You will need to set a Website Address. A large warning is displayed as a reminder until the Website Address has been set.


See Set The Website Address for more details on how to update this information.


An example "Website Address" section after the auction website address has been set.

See Set The Website Address for more details on how to update/set your auction website address.

Last Updated: 3/23/2021, 6:23:29 PM