Copy Website

If you want to test, re-use, or just make a copy of an existing website design you can do just that and have that copy be cloned to an event under your Organization.

To copy a website, select Website on the main navigation.

On the website window of the site you wish to copy, click Clone Website.



You can also clone a website on the All Websites list by clicking the options icon.

A Clone website popup will appear, with a drop-down selector, asking which event to copy the website to. Select the appropriate auction event and click Continue.


The Website page will appear for the new website. Click the Edit (blue pencil) icon to complete the necessary details.


Entering a Comment to remind yourself this site was copied from another may be useful.

Enter the Address (just the event reference portion of the website URL) for the new website, then click the Save (check mark) icon.


Your "new" website is now ready to customize as needed.


When you copy a website from one event to another, any database-driven dynamic content (for example, tickets and items) is automatically sourced from the new event.


If your website has links in the text, or attached to button, to specific pages in another event, these will not be updated automatically to the new website.

Any system generated links (for example, those found in the menu) will be handled transparently.

Last Updated: 5/29/2019, 3:19:09 PM