Creating A Website

To create a public website for your event, click Website on the bottom of the main navigation on the left.

The first time you access the website manager, the page will show that no websites have been defined for the auction.

Click the Create Website button.


The Add Website window will appear.

There are two options to select:


The template will automatically set up your website with the elements that you will likely need, but you can customize them to suit your specific requirements. For more details on the specific templates see Website Templates.

Select a template that includes the features you want on the website.

Website Address

Your website will have a public address in the form You can chose the SOMETHING portion of the address.


Use only letters and numbers and _ when entering the website address: do not use spaces or punctuation as these are not compatible with website addresses.

Check the preview of the website address shown in blue to make sure that the address is user-friendly and not too long.

Click Save Website.


The addresses for your website appears.

Click one of the blue hyperlinks to see what your new website looks like.


Your website will open in "edit" mode. To see what it looks like to the public, click View without editor.

To access the editor tools, click the tools icon in the left corner.

Website example

The example below is for the "event with ticket sales & online bidding" template. Your site may look different if you chose a different template.


At the bottom of the public page, the footer includes an email address to contact. This address defaults to the email address defined on the Organization details page for your Organization off the auction dashboard.

To add more contact information and social media icons, see Contact & Social Media.

To switch from public view to editing mode, click Edit Website.


Last Updated: 3/13/2019, 2:53:06 AM