# How To Turn A Ticket Into A Donation (updated)

Auctria Video 2020-03-14

This is a two-step process that requires two (2) different Auctria dashboard screens.


We recommend using two (2) separate tabs in the same browser.

# Preparation With Two Screens

On the first screen, go to Bidders and the "All Bidders" list report. In the Group dropdown selector, choose Bidders that Purchased a Ticket.


On the second screen go to the Bidding/Sales dashboard and click on the Donations tab (see Record Donations for more information on this).


# Actions

  • Step 1 (first screen)
    Double-click on the Bidder and then select their Activity tab.
    Find and delete the ticket purchase under the Purchases section.

  • Step 2 (second screen)
    Use the Bidder# and the ticket's Purchase Price as the amount in the Donation Details.
    Click the Record Donation button.


When selecting the next bidder on the first screen, if you chose the Group dropdown of Bidders that purchased a ticket as your filter on the "All Bidders" list report, clicking on the right arrow will automatically take you to the next bidder record that purchased the ticket.


Reviewed: 2022-01-19
Last Updated: 1/19/2022, 3:11:40 PM