# How To Re-Assign Tickets

Sometimes there are cases where a purchaser of a group of tickets, for example a "Table of 8" tickets may not actually have guests to fill all of the seats and will ask to have one or more tickets assigned to other bidders or they may even require an existing assigned ticket be set to a different bidder.

# Assign To New Bidder

# Locate Tickets

Starting with the purchaser's Bidder Details, go to their Activity tab.


# Open Ticket Details Page

Clicking on the appropriate Ticket# will open its "Ticket Details" page.


# Edit Assignee

Clicking on the "blue pencil" edit icon will allow the bidder field in the Assignee section to be edited.


# Choose Bidder

Typing into the Choose Bidder field will prompt the auto-complete function to list those bidders matching the input.


# Save Selection

Clicking on a result in the "Choose Bidder" list will select that bidder and then clicking on the "checkmark" icon will save the selection.


# Remove Assignee From Ticket

To Remove Assignee From a Ticket you would follow the same step as above although at the Edit Assignee step you would now Remove Bidder.

# Remove Bidder

With the "Assignee" Bidder field open for editing, click the X at the far-right of the current selected bidder.


Clearing the selected bidder will re-open the "Choose Bidder" selector ready for input allowing a different bidder to be immediately selected.


Click the "checkmark" icon to save the option as is (no chosen bidder) or select a new bidder and click the "checkmark" icon to save that selection.

Last Updated: 12/16/2019, 8:54:33 PM