# Tickets And Guests

Each ticket sold should be associated with a single bidder record.

If you sell a "couples" ticket where the 'Admission Tickets Included' is set to 2, a single purchase of this ticket item will result in two tickets being sold and create two bidders. This is normally the purchaser and one guest.

A bidder record is needed for each guest to allow extra information like meal choices, seating preferences, etc. to be tracked per event attendee/guest.

Tickets are assigned to a bidder and a bidder may have more than one ticket. For example, if someone purchases a table of 8 but doesn't provide guest details:

  • you can configure the system to either create placeholder bidders as 'Guest of ...'; or,
  • assign all 8 tickets to the purchaser and not create the extra bidder records, yet.
Last Updated: 2/2/2021, 5:39:34 PM