# How To Give Free Tickets

# How To Register Someone Given A Free Ticket

# How To Use A Donated Ticket

# How To Give Tickets From Donations

The easiest way to Give Free Tickets is to use the Sell Tickets function found under the main Auction Dashboard in the Tickets section and check the Force sale total to $0 option.

# Selling The Ticket

From the Sell Tickets dashboard you would record the ticket being provided under the Ticket Sales section and then under the Summary section you would enable the Force sale total to $0 to make the ticket free. From this point, you would select your preferred method of Payment to complete the transaction (where the default "none" will work fine as needed).

# Ticket Sale

The minimum requirements to for the Ticket Sale would be the following:

  • select the Purchaser (either an existing bidder or a new purchaser);
  • select an appropriate ticket item from the drop-down list of items; and,
  • enter the quantity of tickets being sold.


# Summary

This section is used to make the ticket Free. Check the box for the Force sale total to $0 option.


# Payment

Although the payment, normally defaulting to None is fine, you can also use Checkout Payment Options to create a Voucher to be used from the Other tab if you are giving free tickets based on Donated Tickets or Faculty Tickets.


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