How To Fix Tickets Without Admissions

January 2023: the current dashboard release has new graphics and some interface changes. Many screenshots still reflect the older release and will be updated shortly.

If an item has been sold as a "Ticket" although it does not have any event admissions included with the ticket it will need to be updated and corrected. There are essentially three steps to correct this.

Update the "Admission Tickets Included"

For the specific item, Edit Item Details to correct the "For Sale Items" block to have the correct number of Admission Tickets Included.


Ticket Items require the Admissions Tickets Included field to have a value greater than 1 to be set up correctly.

Reissue Tickets

Next, go under Repair/Reissue Tickets to generate and update the number of tickets sold.


Generate Guests

This step resolves the balance of the fix to generate the correct number of "Guest of..." tickets for bidders that purchased multiple tickets. This function can be found under "Ticket Actions" as well.


You can view the list of bidders with multiple tickets assigned on the Multiple Tickets page.

Reviewed: January 2023