# How To Add Early Bird Tickets (new)

Early Bird Tickets are generally those sold prior to regular Tickets being sold for an in-person event.

Tickets should only be used for event admissions. The ticket feature is tied to bidder creation. Please do not enable it for items that represent other kinds of "tickets", such as raffle tickets, drink tickets, etc.

In most cases, when adding Early Bird Tickets for sale you will need to create the Tickets, set their availability (and quantity, if appropriate), as well as display these tickets in an Item Catalog.

# Create Tickets

In general, creating an Early Bird Ticket will be no different than creating a "regular" ticket. See Add New Ticket Item for more information on creating ticket items.

When creating the Early Bird Tickets you should also consider how you will be identifying these ticket items to differentiate them from other ticket items you will be using for your regular tickets. One method to consider for this is using the Tags feature and assign a tag to these ticket items.


# Set Availability

Part of creating an Early Bird Ticket includes setting the ticket Availability. This is done in the For Sale Items section of the item.

You will need to set an appropriate value for the Admission Tickets Included and, if necessary, the number of tickets available in the Quantity field if you plan to limit the number of Early Bird Tickets that will be available to your guests. You will also need to set both of the starts at time and ends at time for the Override online bidding options.


The example above shows the settings for 25 single-entry tickets that will be available for purchase from July 4, 2020, until July 14, 2020.

# Display Tickets

Once the Early Bird Tickets are created and have their appropriate options set you can then proceed to make the tickets available using the Item Catalog element.

One method to do this is to create a new Ticket Sales page, although it will require an easy adjustment to its conditions. The default Pre-Built Section - Ticket Sales page is pre-configured for the most common approach to selling tickets.

# Create A New Ticket Sales Page

See Add New Page to get started with creating the Ticket Sales page and follow the prompts to use the Ticket Sales Pre-Built Section.

# Configure Item Catalog To Display Early Bird Tickets

The next steps involve using the Configure Items Displayed functions to change the default condition used for the Ticket Sales "Item Catalog"...


...to the condition we planned to use when creating the Early Bird Ticket items.


Once the condition has been changed, you should see the following for the specific Item Catalog options using the example Early-Bird Tag from above.


If you already have an existing Tickets Page and want to use it instead of creating a new Early Bird Tickets page, you can simply adjust its display conditions and then change them back later. You are not required to create a new page for your Early Bird Tickets, you can simply add an appropriately configured Item Catalog where you feel it best meets your needs.

Last Updated: 11/30/2020, 3:35:00 PM