How To Give Donated Tickets

Sometimes referred to as "Teacher Tickets", it is common to see donations made with the intent of providing a ticket, or tickets, for an "unknown" person by a generous donor and/or sponsor.

Although the intent is to provide Tickets the best approach is to actually look at this as Donation Items that would be used to pool money to be used for Donated Tickets.

Create a Donation Item

A simple "Title", for example Teacher Ticket would work; assign the "Type" to Donation; and, leave the "Starting Bid" set as blank. This will allow donors to enter an arbitrary amount when they "purchase" the item (or in other words, make a donation).


Make certain to configure the item to be displayed during registration via its Item Details page.


The donor could see something like the following when visiting your auction website to buy tickets:


Sell The Tickets

Once the "teacher" is known, you can then use the Sell Tickets function from the Tickets dashboard to give them a Donated Ticket for the event.

Last Updated: 9/11/2019, 6:59:10 PM