# How To Create A Faculty Ticket

How do I create a "TEACHER" ticket?

It is a common occurrence with school based fundraisers to have parents and/or other generous donors want to provide teachers with a "free" ticket to the in-person event although they may not know specifically which teacher may not have a ticket, yet.

This is best handled under the same ideas as Gift Certificates and/or "vouchers" for these tickets. This is also essentially a two-step process.

# Create The Faculty Ticket Item

Although it is common place, the item that is to be created should not actually be a Tickets item but instead it should be treated like Gift Certificates.

One example to consider would be a For Sale Items type that is available with the other in-person Tickets available to parents and other interested visitors. This would allow ticket purchasers to add it to their purchase and/or purchase the Faculty Ticket on its own.


  • It's a good idea to give the item a special item# such as TEACHER.
  • It's also good to use a relevant title, such as Faculty Ticket.
  • Set an appropriate Value in the "Pricing" section (similar to other "in-person" tickets).
  • Enable the option to show in the default purchase element (to display with other ticket items).
  • Enable the Allow online pre-bidding (optional although commonly set the same as other tickets).
  • Use the Is gift certificate option to help identify the item as something that will be given.
    • This also provides for printing a "voucher" as needed.

There are more details you could add such as the item description, etc. although the above should be considered the basics with the For Sale Item approach.

# Sell An Attendance Ticket To The Faculty Member

At any time after you have sold Faculty Tickets, you can start applying these "gift certificates/vouchers" to actual Tickets that are used for attendance at the in-person event.

You would use the Sell Tickets function to sell the actual ticket; and, you could also use the vouchers to keep a track of which teachers have been provided a Faculty Ticket.

You could also use the Checkout Payment Options settings to create a specific payment method type to further track these ticket sales.

Last Updated: 11/30/2020, 3:35:00 PM