Ticket Options

On the tickets dashboard there are a number of ticket options:


Send tickets by email to guests

When this option is enabled Auctria will generate individual e-ticket emails to each guest whose email address is provided. Each ticket has a unique ticket# and an email is generated separately for each ticket#. The e-ticket can be used to update the guest's contact details or register a credit card (if credit card processing is enabled)


If the guest clicks on the link in the email they will be taken to a special page on the auction web site. See Using E-Tickets for more details.

Create bidders for 'unknown guests'

If a guest purchasers tickets for multiple guests, but does not provide details for all the guests, the system can behave in one of two ways:

  1. Create bidder records for these guests with the name: 'Guest of ...' and assign one ticket to each of these
  2. Only create bidder records for guests who details are known and assign any remaining tickets to the purchaser.

The 'Guest of ...' bidders are listed in your bidder list just as any other bidder, for example if Andrew Smith bought 2 tickets but didn't provide any additional guest information:


The advantage of creating 'Guest of ...' bidders is that you get a more accurate count of the number of people coming. However, this does require that as the guest details become known those bidders are updated with the correct information rather than adding new bidders.

Last Updated: 12/10/2018, 6:22:56 PM