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Sell Tickets To Non-Attending Purchaser

If you are selling Sponsorships to your event from the Auction Dashboard and, for example, your "sponsor" does not plan to actually attend the event but wants to give the tickets they are purchasing to their friends and family instead -- you can do this with Auctria!


You will essentially be using the same approach as the Sell Tickets function from the Tickets section of the main Auction Dashboard. This is the same as clicking through Sponsorships and then Sell Sponsorship.

Quick Review: Sell Tickets From The Dashboard
  1. From the main Auction Dashboard, go to Tickets > Sell Tickets.
    1a. Optionally, you can use the Sponsorships dashboard to sell your sponsorship items.
  2. Register new bidder; or, select an existing bidder.
  3. Choose your ticket item (and quantity).
  4. Record payment details.
  5. Click Record Sale button.

See  ∞ Sell Tickets and  ∞ Sponsorships in the User Guide for more specifics.

Once you have assigned the Purchaser through the Sell Tickets function and selected your multiple ticket package (and an appropriate quantity), you will be able to scroll down to the Guests section where you can edit the attendees that will be attached to this ticket package.


An example of a bidder purchasing a Table of 8 ticket package for their friends.

Re-Assign The Purchaser Ticket

To Re-Assign the Purchaser Ticket, you would uncheck the Assign one of these tickets to the purchaser option which will re-number the Guest tickets assigned to the purchase.


The example purchase now shows "Guest# 1" through "Guest# 8".

Using The Same Bidder Number

Enabling the option to Use the same bidder# for all new guests will link all of the guests attached to this ticket to the same bidder number. By default, this also means all of the winning bids will be assigned to that single bidder number (the first ticket holder's bidder record) as well as any payments due.

Select Payment Method

All that is left at this point is to select an appropriate payment method and then click on the Record Sale button under the Actions sidebar.

In many cases, the sponsor may want to have their logo displayed on the auction website, if you do not have their logo you will have to reach out to the sponsor to get this image.

Adding Sponsor Logos

The logo image can be used by the Sponsor Catalog and Sponsor Row elements by adding it to the sponsor's bidder record under the Bidder Details Images tab.

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Last reviewed: March 2023
Sell Sponsorship Tickets