How To Refund Tickets

To Refund Tickets requires a two-step process:

  1. Delete the Tickets purchase, see Remove Bid or Sales for more details.

  2. Delete the "Guest of..." bidders associated with the Tickets item sale (this is generally seen if there are Meal Choices that have been selected for these guest tickets). 2a. Optional, reset the next bidder number to be issued. See Assigning Bidder Numbers > Next assigned bidder# on the Bidder Numbers concepts page for more information.

  3. Refund the (credit card) payment (or issue a "Partial Refund"), see Credit Card Refunds for more details. NOTE: the payment is not attached to the Tickets purchase and will remain "on account" unless refunded. The payment we be used as a credit if not refunded.

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Last reviewed: February 2023
How To Refund Tickets