Meal Choices

In this section, we will review how to handle meal choices during bidder registration or ticket purchases. The bidder's choice will be recorded on the bidder record that is generated.

Meal Choice Options


Meal choices are defined from the dashboard - Website ->

Bidder Registration

settings. See

Enabling Bidder Registration

  • enter the meal choices you want to offer, separated with a comma, to make a list


    After enabling this setting, bidders will encounter a Meal Choice drop-down menu during Registration Form.


    If Additional Guests is set to request Guests Details, the meal choice can display for each ticket that is being purchased - see Purchase/Registrations: Additional Guests


    Reviewing Meal Choice

    You can the meal choices of each bidder or a summary in reports. Navigate to Reports → Bidders


Last Updated: 12/10/2018, 6:22:56 PM