Online Ticket Sales

Auctria provides the tools to sell Event Tickets and other For Sale Items (raffle tickets, sponsorships, buy-in parties) through the website.

Event Tickets and other For Sale items are sold through a Purchase/Registration element on the website. They cannot be sold through the Online Catalog.


There are several features that are distinct to Tickets & For Sale items:

Bidder Registration

Bidder Registration can be set on or off. If Bidder Registration is 'off' the bidder won't create a password to sign-in in future. In either case (Registration on or off), a bidder record is created for the purchaser.

Processing Payment

When items are purchased through the Purchase/Registration element, the default is that the credit card is charged immediately. There is a setting to "allow pay later" which allows the bidder to add the amount to their account and not pay it immediately.


When purchases are made online, the system will automatically send a Purchase Notifications to the Bidder. You can customize the notification in the email editor

Last Updated: 12/10/2018, 6:22:56 PM