Why So Many Emails

January 2023: the current dashboard release has new graphics and some interface changes. Many screenshots still reflect the older release and will be updated shortly.

How many emails will I receive when a ticket is sold?Why do I get three emails when I sell a ticket?

You may find, especially when testing the Sell Tickets feature, you receive several emails related to the purchase. In the default case, this is usually going to be three emails, especially if you are using your Organizer's Contact Details (or Bcc email) email address. The emails being received should be the following:

  1. a purchase receipt for the ticket (as the purchaser of the ticket);
  2. an E-Ticket (with bidder# notification) sent to the purchaser; and,
  3. a bidder activity notification sent to the Organizer email address.

In the case of a bidder purchasing a ticket from the auction/event website, they would only receive the first two emails.

  • Email #1 is automated and cannot be disabled.
  • Email #2 can be disabled via the Tickets dashboard Ticket Options section. Disable Send tickets by email to guests option to not send this email.
  • Email #3 can be disabled via the Bidder Registration/Checkout Notifications section. Disable Notify organization of bidder activity to not send out this email.

Recommended Reading

See Organization > Contact Information and System Email Notifications for more information.

Reviewed: February 2023