Create Event Tickets as Items


Tickets are represent as items, so once created tickets will appear in your item list.

A ticket item is an item with the type set to For Sale and the Admission Tickets Included field on the item set to at least 1.

A ticket can represent either a single admission or multiple admissions (for example, a table of 8 guests)

You can create a ticket item through the normal Add Item page, but there is a dedicated page off the Tickets Dashboard that will ensure the settings are initialized correctly.

Click on Tickets in the menu then Add New Ticket Item


The Add Ticket Item page is very similar to the add item page:


The important fields to define are:

  • Title: how the ticket item will be listed on the web site, e.g. Early Bird Ticket
  • Value: the price you want to sell the ticket at
  • Tickets Per: the number of guest admissions this ticket represents
  • Quantity: the maximum number of tickets to sell. Leave this blank (or set to 0) for an unlimited number.

You can also assign a meaningful item# to the ticket item, e.g. EARLYBIRD. This makes it easier to work with than a system assigned number.

Click Create Ticket Item to create the ticket item.

See Item Details for more information about Item fields.

Last Updated: 2/1/2019, 4:22:27 AM