Sell Tickets from Dashboard

Ticket items can be sold from the Auction Dashboard


Tickets should be sold through the Sell Tickets page and not through the Bidding/Sales page.

Tickets sold through the Bidding/Sales page will not create guests records, generate ticket #s or assign tickets.


Select the Purchaser of the Ticket - the bidder who will be paying for the ticket(s).

You can add a Bidder or select one that has already been entered.


Select the Ticket Item and the Quantity. Based on the the quantity is entered, it will list the number of tickets available to be assigned to other guests and the guest information can be entered. You can register new bidders here or select existing bidders.



Force sale to $0

On the Sell Tickets screen, you can force the sale to $0. The amount owed will change to zero - nothing owing.

You can also use pre-defined coupons for the sale.


Sell Ticket Options

Before recording the sale, you can select/deselect to send a purchaser ticket statement, send guest tickets (e-tickets).

You can also select/deselect that guest bidder records will be created for the tickets sold that have not been assigned to a bidder.


Select Record Sale to complete the transaction.

Last Updated: 3/23/2019, 6:09:14 PM