# Choosing Columns

All reports have the option to add (or remove) columns from the report based on the tables of data the report is being generated from. This option is available from the Reports Toolbar or via the options menu (three vertical dots) at the end of the report banner.


# Using Choose Columns


An example using the default All items list report.

# Choose Visible Columns

Clicking on the Choose Columns icon will open the Choose Visible Columns window. Clicking on the Options menu icon will open its panel where you must click on the Choose Columns option to open the Choose Visible Columns window.


You can also search for a specific column by typing part of its name into the Filter Columns box.


An example using the $ character to filter the available columns.

Select the checkbox for each column you want to see in the list/report. Clear the checkbox of any column you do not want to see.


Clicking Choose when finished will regenerate the list and have it displayed with the new column selections. Clicking Cancel will close the window and continue to display the existing report.

# Video -- Using Reports: Sort & Customize

Auctria Video 2020-11-06

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