# Working With Reports

In general, reports will be displayed in a "list" view. These list views can be modified using the controls found at the top of the report (or via the options menu at the top far-right of the report).

# Options And Controls


An example report with a magnified section showcasing the Options And Controls icons.

All reports have these icons representing the Options And Controls available to modify your Reports as needed. In order, the Options And Controls icons represent the following:

  • Help (circled question mark) this takes you directly to the Reports page in the User Guide.

  • Search (magnifying glass) - this opens a field for searching the current report.

  • Tags (ribbon/bookmark) - this opens a filed to search the current report specifically by Tags.

  • Mass Changes (pencil) - this displays the Mass Changes editor section for the current report.

  • Choose Columns (three vertical bars) - this pops open the Choose Visible Columns window where you can add (or remove columns available for the current report).

    See Choosing Columns for more information.

  • Views (folder) - this pops open the Choose View window showing a pre-defined list of available Views for the current report.

    Clicking on a view name will change the report to that specific view -- closing and then reopening the report will display the default view of the report.

  • Options menu (three vertical dots)- this opens the Options menu for the report.

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