Mass Changes

The List/Report mass change editor can be used to quickly make bulk changes to multiple records.

It is a very powerful tool for manipulating your data.

Open the Mass Changes Editor

You can open the mass change editor from any report that supports editing.

Click the Options icon (3 dots in the upper-right corner) of the report and then click Make mass changes.



The report menu is different from the page menu -- make sure you are selecting the right one!


Select Records to be Modified

Select the checkboxes for the records you want to modify. To select all records on a page, select the top checkbox.



If your report has multiple pages and you want to change all the records, then be sure to change the 'rows per page' option to all first before selecting the items.

Otherwise only the records on the first page will be updated.


Make Mass Changes to a Field

Click the Change box to see the list of available fields that you can change. You are not limited to visible fields.

Select the field to be changed.

In the "on selected records to" box, type in the new entry. Note that for some fields you may have to choose an entry from a pre-defined drop-down list.



The system will prompt you to confirm the changes. Click Continue.


If the field you changed appears on the list/report view, you can see that the changes were made.



See examples of how to use the mass change editor:

Toggle the 'exclude from catalog' field on all items:

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