# How To Print Quantity On Bid Sheets

For items that have an availability greater than the default 1 you may want to display those quantities on your Bid Sheets.

# Edit Advanced Tab

To add the "Quantity" to your bid sheets you would go to Printing > Bid Sheets > Advanced.


Then add the following code to the "Item description format":

{% if Quantity > 0 %}Quantity Available: {{Quantity}}{% endif %}

The new "Item description format" would look similar to this:


You can copy and paste the below into the "Item description format" (replacing the existing code):

{% if BidSheetText <> '' %}{{BidSheetText}}{% else %}{{Description}}{% endif %}
{% if TermsAndConditions %}{{TermsAndConditions}}{% endif %}
{% if Quantity > 0 %}Quantity Available: {{Quantity}}{% endif %}

Click on the checkmark icon to save the changes and you will now be printing the "Quantity Available" if the "Quantity" itself is greater than zero (0).

Last Updated: 11/11/2019, 4:59:29 PM