Word Templates

To generate your own customized forms you need to upload a customized Word template.

While you can start from a blank Word document, it is often easier to download one of the existing templates and customize it.

Downloading Templates

On the Word Templates page select the type of document you want to generate.

The second section will show the templates currently available for customization.


Click on the Export Template link to download a copy of the source Word document to your computer.

As a safety precaution, you will see a message regarding opening the Word document. It will be in protected view as it was downloaded from the internet, reminding you to 'Be Careful'--files from the Internet can contain viruses. By clicking on Enable Editing, you are telling Word that it is a safe file.



You can edit the Word document as you would any other. The content denoted by { ... } brackets, are template prompts instructing you on what content to include. There are details on the syntax you can use here in Template Reference


Once you have made any changes, be sure to save the document and upload it.

Uploading Templates

To upload a new template click on Upload template by selecting the saved Word file from your computer.


After uploading the template it will appear in the list.

For templates that are not public templates, there will be links to Replace or Delete the template.


To replace an existing template just click on the Replace link and select the file.

Last Updated: 12/10/2018, 6:22:56 PM