# Download Bid Sheets

To download bid sheets, use the Choosing Items functionality to select the items that you want to include. When the correct items are shown, click the appropriate download button.


# Download

Generates a single PDF file containing all the Bid Sheets for the selected items. Depending on the number of items, and options configured for your Bid Sheets, it may take a minute or so to completely generate your bid sheet PDF file.

Please be patient while the file is generated and downloaded. You will see a progress bar as the Bid Sheets are being generated, with a Creating bid sheets message.

# Download Summaries

Generates a PDF of the summaries only.

# Download Blank Bid Sheet

Generates a PDF of one blank bid sheet with no item information.


Depending on your browser, you may be prompted for a file name to save the bid sheet file or it will be downloaded to the normal location of your internet downloads.

Last Updated: 1/22/2021, 8:53:53 PM