Bid Sheets: List Terms and Conditions

How to list Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions do not, by default, print on the bid sheet (or display pages) but they can be added. This can be configured through the 'Item description format' setting on the Bid Sheets (or display page) ADVANCED tab.

Click on Printing-> Bid Sheets -> ADVANCED

If you append the following to the default setting then this will be included below the description:

{{ TermsAndConditions }}



If you have set up the format to include the basket contents, you can include the terms and conditions for each partial item by adding { { item.TermsAndConditions } } within the for loop:

{% for item in Contents -%}
{{item.Index}} : {{item.Title}}
{{item.Description}} {{ item.TermsAndConditions }}
{% endfor -%}

To include the Terms and Conditions for the basket item itself (not the partial item), make sure the { { TermsAndConditions } } field is not within the {% for %} ... {% endfor %} loop.

Last Updated: 5/22/2019, 6:52:00 PM