# Bid Sheets

Silent auction bid sheets are produced so bidders can bid on their items of interest while attending the actual event in-person.

To access the Bid Sheets printing functions, click Printing on the main Auction dashboard, then click the Bid Sheets block on the Printing - Forms & Documents page.


The Bid Sheets window will appear.


# Actions

The Actions menu allows you to download a printable PDF version of the Bid Sheet type you want to produce. For more information see Download Bid Sheets.

  • A link to the Stationery page is available here as well.

# Settings

The tabs across the top of the Bid Sheets printing page allow you to configure various settings.


The SELECTION tab loads with the default "Choose Items" selector. See Choosing Items for more information.



The OPTIONS provides for Layout, Style, Content, Display, and Summary page settings. For more detailed information see Customize Bid Sheets.


# Layout

The Layout panel provides for settings that affect the page size and its use of custom stationery.


  • Page size - select from numerous standard page sizes.
  • Pages per bid sheet - create multiple bid sheets for an item.
    • Strictly enforce pages per bid sheet - always print a minimum amount of bid sheets equal to the "Pages per bid sheet" value.
  • Carbon copies of each page - set the number of extra exact copies of each page to include. Useful if you are printing on carbonless copy paper.
  • Bid Sheet stationery - set the bid sheet stationery from a drop-down selector.
  • Bid sheet summary stationery - set the bid sheet summary stationery from a drop-down selector.
  • Bid sheet sort order - this option controls the order the bid sheets will be in when they are downloaded by choosing from a drop-down selector.

# Style

The Style panel handles the bid sheet columns as well as if headers on shown on every page. See Defining Bid Sheet Columns for more details.


# Content

The Content panel manages what is populated in the body of the bid sheets.


  • Show item#
  • Show item value
  • Show starting bid
  • Show bid increment
  • Show item category
  • Show item image
  • Percent of page width to use for the image (if shown)
  • Image Source
  • Show image placeholder if no image
  • Show item description
  • Maximum percent of page to use for the description
  • Show donor
  • Always include closing time
  • Show buy it now box
  • Show buy it now box for multiple winner items
  • Include a bid row for the buy it now price
  • Include bid values
  • Repeat bid value on 'quantity' rows
  • Show existing bids
  • Max bods to pre-populate
  • Max rows per column on the bid sheet
  • Max rows on the bid sheet

# Display

The Display panel manages the actual content being used on the bid sheets. See Customize Bid Sheets for more details.


# Summary page

The Summary page panel handles if one is produced, and what information to be printed.


  • Include a bid sheet summary (required for other Summary page options to work).
  • Show item description on bid sheet summary.
  • Show winning bid on bid sheet summary.
  • Show winning bidder's name on bid sheet summary.


The APPEARANCE tab provides for Appearance, Colors, and Fonts settings. See Bid Sheets Appearance for more details.


# Appearance

The Appearance panel manages element alignments for the bid sheets.


# Colors

The Colors panel sets the background colors for the bid sheets.


Colors are chosen using a "color picker" tool.


# Fonts

The Fonts panel manages the various font sizes, font family, and color of the fonts used.
Colors are chosen with a "color picker" here as well.



The ADVANCED tab deals with more advanced configurations of the output.


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