Customize The Auction Catalog

January 2023: the current dashboard release has new graphics and some interface changes. Many screenshots still reflect the older release and will be updated shortly.

The Auction Catalog has several tabs to be used for customization.


By default, all "biddable" items are included in the Auction Catalog. You can use the Choose Items filter to select different items. Please see  ∞ Choose Items Filters in for more information.


All examples taken from a demonstration event.


Clicking the Options tab will allow you to set Page, Item information, and Layout options.

Each section on the Options tab can be edited by clicking the Edit icon (blue pencil).


To save changes, click the Save icon (check mark). To undo changes, click the Undo icon (arrow).

Page Options

Page Size

Select the size that you want catalog pages to be. If you are printing a booklet, you will want to select the Statement (5.5x8.5) option.


Catalog stationery

Select a stationery to use for the Auction Catalog. The default is set to none. See Stationery for more information.

Catalog coversheet

Select a coversheet to use with the Auction Catalog. The default is set to none.

Item Information Options

The Item Information options section allows you to customize the information included for each item.


Include item images


This option allows you to choose which image, if any, will be used for the item; or, you can choose to use a scannable QR code for the specific item.

Layout Options

The layout section allows you to customize the way information is organized in the Auction Catalog.



If you are seeing blank pages at the end of your printed catalog, this often points to an item with a "long" description. Check to ensure the "All items to span multiple pages" option is set to yes and review the printed catalog again.

See  ∞ How To Fix Blank Pages When Printing for more details.


You can set a custom order for the sections to appear in the Auction Catalog. Enter a comma separated list of item types in the order you want them to appear, for example: silent,live,raffle,forsale,donation (note, no spaces between item types).

To edit the auction catalog section title text, replace the default text with your preference by using the edit icon (blue pencil icon) and over-writing the text(s) as needed.



The text Alignment and Fonts properties of the text can be modified under the Appearance tab.


The Description text alignment can be set to Left, Center, or Right.


Each of the Fonts have a Color picker (you can also enter the specific HEX code if you know it), a Font Family selector, and a Font Size (pt) option that can be set.


Advanced (advanced)

The Advanced tab allows for further customization using scripting.


Last Revised: March 2023